2023: The year of green logistics

We know that every day more companies face the challenge of becoming greener or kinder to the environment. For this year 2023, this step is no longer optional, and yet there are a huge number of myths around this step within logistics companies. At Newtral México we want to take advantage of this environmental management process that seeks to modify logistics chain strategies and processes to keep us updated and become green. Some of the objectives of this business model are measuring the carbon footprint, reducing pollution and making the supply chain a sustainable process.

One of the best alternatives is sustainable storage, which consists of having an infrastructure capable of moving merchandise quickly and easily. The packaging and packaging also enters into the options making the process with biodegradable materials. On the less mobile part of logistics are small changes within the office. Although it is true that these changes imply an extra investment, in the long term the investment in environmental savings is recovered. Sustainable facilities that contain solar panels, implementation of the use of natural ventilation in addition to the use of natural light hours for work, reducing the use of paper by almost one hundred percent or changing to recycled paper with some examples of these changes .

In Mexico, sustainability is just beginning, while in other places actions are already being applied to reduce CO2 emitted by land media. “Sustainable transport”, another easy-to-apply alternative, seeks to implement vehicles whose carbon dioxide emission is low or zero, in addition to making much more analyzed planning to optimize deliveries; from the revision of the routes to the analysis of the best schedules to spend as little fuel as possible. Alternative fuels, efficient operations, maintenance of machinery and vehicles are some of the most important aspects to start making a sustainable strategy.

Although we will also find ourselves with difficulties that are beyond us, unforeseen events on the road, sea and air, in addition to the limitations imposed by legal powers. From the maximum consumption of vehicles, the inclusion of clean energies, the maintenance of roads and the improvement of railway structures are just some examples of actions that are necessary to reduce the impact of logistics on the environment. It is essential that interdisciplinary alliances begin to be created in order to take sustainability to the next level.

The implementation of a more ethical and sustainable logistics, even in the smallest actions is a topic that increasingly concerns us all. It is in our hands the application of these new procedures that favor the reduction of the environmental impact in the sector and consequently in the planet. For our part, we will bring the neutrality that has always characterized us to the environment.