The role of an NVOCC in the supply chain

Logistics is a fundamental part of international trade. The efficient management of the flow of goods and services from the origin to the final destination is essential for the success of any company that wants to operate in the global market. And shipping is one of the main means of long-distance cargo transportation. In this context, an NVOCC plays a key role in the supply chain, providing comprehensive transportation services and solutions to each of its customers.

First of all… what is an NVOCC?

An NVOCC, or Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, is a transportation company that acts as an intermediary between customers and carriers. They are the ones who buy or rent cargo space in the different types of transport and then consolidate the cargo. To understand the role of an NVOCC in the supply chain we have to know what logistics is. This is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flows of goods and services, from the point of origin to the point of destination, in order to satisfy the needs of customers. Maritime transport, on the other hand, is the means of transporting goods by sea, through ships and ships. It is an economical, safe and efficient mode of transport for shipping large volumes of cargo over long distances.

So… what is our role?

As an NVOCC, our role in the supply chain is essential to ensure cargo reaches its destination safely, efficiently and on time. As intermediaries between clients and carriers, at Newtral México we offer comprehensive maritime transport services that include cargo consolidation, container transport by sea, land and air, loading and unloading of merchandise, customs clearance and merchandise insurance.

We Non-Vessel Operatin Common Carriers are responsible for coordinating logistics and shipping for our clients. This includes route planning, rate negotiation with carriers, and freight consolidation for multiple customers. In addition, to provide cargo tracking and monitoring services, which allows customers to be aware of the location and status of their cargo at all times. This is particularly important for high-value cargo or perishable goods, where time and security are critical. Another key role of an NVOCC in the supply chain is the management of customs formalities. By working with customs brokers and other stakeholders, we can ensure cargo moves smoothly across borders and all local regulations and requirements are met. We are newtral and professional in each service.