Consolidation of maritime cargo

The consolidation of maritime cargo is our great specialty, as it is the best option to transport high volumes with a wide capacity in tons.

Newtral Mexico has a comprehensive service that offers import services to the market from Asia, Europe and South America. And for export to Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Central America. Thanks to our excellent network of agents around the world, we can cover different origins and destinations through our direct services.

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Quote maritime freight services easily and quickly, we offer an instant location service through our My Newtral platform where you can monitor your cargo in real time, the best rates and an agile service.

If your cargo requires little space, LCL maritime groupage is more suitable for you since your merchandise will travel inside a container that shares space with other shippers. Consolidated cargo is our greatest strength, we offer direct services from Asia to Manzanillo and Europe to Veracruz and Altamira, Mexico. We are leaders in the market since we present up to two weekly departures from the base port, with transits and competitive rates.

These groupages are indicated for goods with a volume between 2 and 13 cubic meters. Due to the nature of these warehouses, all the merchandise is highly compacted, so your cargo will be very safe. You should take into account that it may be a longer journey to collect and deliver loads from other importers.

Do you need something different? In Newtral México you will find that in addition to maritime cargo we handle other services that are adapted to each merchandise.

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