Full containers FCL

Full Container Load, the entire container at your disposal.

Your merchandise will travel in a warehouse without sharing space with other loads, if your freight exceeds 10 standard pallets or 14 cubic meters, you want your merchandise to have little handling or you have a tight delivery time, this is your best option.

Little intervention on your cargo

Strict deadline

Optimize loads

We move Import and Export containers from any part of the world.

This service will allow you to group a lot of cargo in the same container in addition to minimizing some processes such as unpacking in different ports. You will be able to transport your freight to our international routes with more flexibility and control over the shipment of your merchandise.

0 feet

Volume capacity of approximately 28 cubic meters.

0 feet

Volume capacity of approximately 48 cubic meters.

0 HC feet

Volume capacity of approximately 65 cubic meters.

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